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The Old Mustache Ninja


The Old Mustache Ninja

I was born in Dorchester, MA in 1965 and grew up in Hingham, MA. I have always been drawn to the outdoors and athletics. All through high school and college I bouldered, lead climbed and backpacked. After graduating in 1988 I started running and practicing martial arts, eventually completing one marathon and getting my black belt. A move to San Francisco in 1997 ignited my passion for sprint, endurance and velodrome bicycle racing.

After starting a family and moving back to Hingham in 2002, I continued running (with a baby jogger) and cycling. In 2005 I suffered a debilitating spine injury while trying to do a stupid mountain bike trick in an obstacle park. It took 6 months of physical therapy before I could move somewhat normally again. I found a good chiropractor and started doing gentle yoga in 2007 to try to get my body balanced and healthy again. After working my way up to hot power yoga over 5 years, I was starting to feel "normal" again.

In 2013 my friend, Mike Monarch (owner of MassMVMNT) asked me to try a CrossFit workout with him. I did, and after a few years, I was stronger and leaner than I had ever been in my life. Later that same year, Mike asked me to do an Obstacle Course Race and BAM! A new sports passion was discovered! I continued to do CrossFit and run OCRs, culminating in qualifying for and competing in the OCR world championships in 2016 and 2017 in Canada. My most memorable races were competing in the OCR worlds in 2017 with my son. I took 2018 off from running and OCRs to recover from knee and shoulder injuries and get stronger.

In 2019 I found TA Fitness in Weymouth, MA and started taking ninja and parkour classes with my daughter. Ba BAM! You guessed it, new sports passion! I had seen the American Ninja Warrior show on NBC, but never really knew it was an actual sport with training facilities. It took me months to figure out that the owners and most of the coaches at TA were current show competitors (I don't watch much TV and I'm a doofus). I had finally found a sport that I'm built for and actually competitive at! My 15 minutes of fame is that I was the National Ninja League #1 male masters competitor. Just until I fell off the first obstacle in a big competition and dropped several places.

I continue to do strentgh and gymnastics training at MassMVMNT in the mornings, and parkour and ninja at TA Fitness at night. I compete in NNL and NENA competitions. I'm very grateful for all the coaches and competitors who have helped me. I love the ninja community.

At 54 the @oldmustacheninja is just getting started and will be the next American Ninja Warrior!!!

Skillz that killz

So many challenging things still to learn!